Our Story

Our Story

Within Your Lifetime

Deco Nova Eatery & Lounge is Vancouver’s very first 3D holographic projected karaoke lounge bar, launched by K Ge Zhi Wang (K歌之王) in collaboration with Louis XIII. Combining high-end with exclusivity, this lounge was a merging between Deco and Nova.

In the 1920s, the Art Deco aesthetic of the colorful, the geometrically shaped, the luxurious, and the symmetrical, emerged in the streets of America. From classical extravagance to a rising party culture, a life of luxury and freedom was glorified. Nova is the new: a star that suddenly releases a massive burst of energy — temporarily shining extra bright. Deco Nova merges entertainment and dining to become an entirely different thing. Can you feel its energy?

Our Services

For The Luxury In Your Essence, We Have It All

Deco Nova offers a multi-functional, lavish space that brings together top-class karaoke systems with luxury dining experiences.

01.Curated Room Themes

Deco Nova offers a range of carefully curated, private karaoke rooms. Created in various sizes and diverse themes, all rooms are equipped with an immersive 3D projection. Have nothing less than a gorgeous, rich screen to be mesmerized. 

02. Superior Sound System

Customized A/V system, a complete song library, and a smooth song-ordering system — every occasion should feel like a live performance.

03. Exclusive Butler Service

A full range of personalized butler services are ready to meet your needs. Deco Nova ensures customers enjoy the highest quality service during their stay.

04. Luxury Brands Collaborations

In collaboration with the world’s top luxury brand, Deco Nova brings to customers an incomparable entertainment experience. 

Our Philosophy

It’s More Than The Logic Of A Luxury Mind

Deco Nova creates the new. From pushing boundaries in entertainment experiences to leading trends in the hosting industry, creating is an art form the brand takes seriously. Our entertainment is comprehensive, multi-functional, and elite. Exclusivity is a feature that defines us most simply. But crowning it all: our lure to competence. Collaborating with the finest, shaping industry standards, innovating serially — Deco Nova’s philosophy is an experience not words.

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